The Raisin at the Hot Dog's End
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Your homo/negro report from Iceland. Join Jonas and Lydia, two Texan-Americans living in Iceland, as they crack wise about what they find noteworthy about their adopted country. From gobbling pickled ram’s testicles and public pooping to social commentary and tips for visitors (what’s that lurking at the bottom of the Blue Lagoon? Nothing, but there totally used to be). Get to know Iceland—the good, the bad and the sheepy—with Jonas and Lydia.

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    #14 Back to the Dark Side

    The shadow of the cold, clammy hands of winter's dark is falling across Iceland and getting Jonas and Lydia in the mood--not that kind of mood, get your minds' out of the gutter--in the mood for scary stories. Jonas brings us the tale of a Deacon a little too determined to keep his date in "Deacon of Dark River/Djákinn á Myrká" and Lydia gets to the root of all evil in "Drangey Consecrated." Bless, bless and Happy Halloween y'all!

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    #13 The Isms

    We’re back from our summer break and ready to dig into a meaty topic as we launch season two of The Raisin at the Hot Dog’s End. We’re talking -isms. Lydia and Jonas have lived in the American South, New England and Iceland, and if there is one thing we know for sure it’s that where there be humans, there be isms and phobias. No place on earth, where humans live, is Mary Poppins level perfect, that is, practically perfect in every way, for those of you who somehow missed the motion picture starring the ever fabulous Julie Andrews (looking right at you, Jonas). We’re members of three of the top five traditionally marginalized groups (totally just made up the top five thing but it’s probably true, Google it), The Blacks, The Women Folk and The Gays and at times, that leads to having not so great experiences--even here in Iceland.

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    Mini #1 How to Vote While Living Abroad

    Visit the website for FVAP (Federal Voting Assistance Program), which will give you more specific instructions for your state and district. BUT DO NOT WAIT! Some state cut-off times to register are in early October and the process can take a while.

    So visit FVAP today and get 'er done!

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    #12 Reykjavík Night Life or Black Death and Fire Wine

    If Jonas and Lydia know anything, it's that a night on the town in Reykjavík doesn't have to include drunken debauchery cause, you know, they're too old for that shit. But if that's your thing they totally know about some places where you can debauch away–always with consent, #druslugangan–and then go for brunch after.

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    #11 Hidden Gems

    Jonas and Lydia talk hidden gems, sights to see off the beaten path and sing old American TV show theme songs.

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    #10 #notallicelanders

    We're into the double digits folks and now it's time to get down to the nitty and the gritty. This time we're taking off the gloves and talking Icelanders and their idiosyncrasies.

    NB: We’re making sweeping generalizations about an entire nation here, which is why we have (lovingly) called this ep “#notallicelanders, as these are our impressions and there are plenty of Icelanders who break the mold! So why talk about this? Because moving country and adapting to a new culture can make you feel like you’re being gas lighted or you're in the Twilight Zone (go ahead and Google Rod Serling, children). Up is down, 2+2=1, the people are doing weird shit and you seem to be the only one not in the know. It’s an odd experience and one worth talking about. Here we go.

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    #9 Going Medieval on Your Snæfellsnes

    Snufflegrass? Schnozzlefat? Snookerflip? No, it's Snæfellsnes week! Lydia and Jonas get real with the story of Guðríður the far-traveller, a 10th-century bad-ass Snæfellsnesian lady who went through husbands like kleenex, summered in Greenland, wintered in Manhattan, dropped in on her friend the pope in Rome, probably met an alien, and definitely pulled some legendary party tricks involving a freaky-deaky fortune-teller, some cat-skin gloves and a bowl of "goatmeal" (that's oatmeal with goat's milk, in case you were wondering). Later in the episode: Lydia and Jonas discuss what to do when visiting Guðríður's old stomping ground, Snæfellsnes peninsula.

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    #8 Lamb's Head and Licorice and Hot Dogs, Oh My!

    The food gauntlet has been thrown down. Who dares accept the challenge? Lydia and Jonas introduce you to the sometimes delish, often repulsive, but entirely unique world of Icelandic gastronomy. The all-you-can-listen buffet is open. Tie on your bibs, break out your puke buckets and bon appetit, y'all.

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    #7 Way Out West, Way Up North

    Lydia and Jonas take to the road this episode—Lydia to the Westfjords and Jonas to Akureyri—and discuss the trials, tribulations and pastries they encountered along the way. What dangers lie in the mountains and valleys of the Westfjords? What secrets does the sleepy town of Akureyri hold (hint: they bring local food to a whole, new, gruesome level)? And what is this ferming ritual you've heard so much about? Your endearing diamonds in the rough—Jonas and Lydia—answer these questions and more.

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    #6 LambVision

    In this week's episode, Lydia and Jonas talk about their weekend adventures including exploring the politically charged weirdness that is Eurovision, lambing season, bad swimming pool etiquette, Icelandic film and the Christian calendar. Oh boy.

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